Being able to work safely is a goal of most if not all of us, but supporting those doing the good work of helping make this a reality is often not the first priority of those managing funds. WMass COSH depends on governmental grants for much of its work, and these funds are often uneven in their distribution.

Therefore, although the long-term goal of  WMass COSH is to be the well-supported Workplace Safety training center for Western Mass, today, in order to provide for orderly payment of monthly expenses, WMass COSH is seeking to raise $10,000 for an operating reserve to allow staff to focus on running the programs like Community Works and training Immigrant Workers.

It is hoped that this sum can be raised between the Valley Gives Online Fund-raiser in December, and the WMass COSH Annual Meeting, set for February 20th, 2014.

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Western Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, Inc. is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) exempt organization by the IRS. All donations should be tax deductible. For further information please contact the WMass COSH office by phone at (413) 731-0760 or by email at