(Exerpted from “HURT ON THE JOB”) 

    The popular image of injured workers has little to do with reality. Television news programs occasionally show film of an injured worker performing heavy labor or playing sports. Co-workers may think injured colleagues are enjoying a “vacation.” For many people, however, fighting for workers comp benefits is a nightmare. The physical pain and limitations from the injury are only the beginning. Just as painful is trying to make sense of an unfair system. Employees who worked hard for years
do not understand why the insurer is fighting their claim. They become desperate when they have no income for weeks or months. They may fall into serious financial difficulty, losing their homes and savings.

    The law is not on our side. A “reform” in 1991 of the Massachusetts workers compensation system was a major setback for injured workers. Supported by employers, business groups and their insurance allies, the “reform” (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 152) cut benefits and hurt injured workers in other ways. We explain how this law works, what
is wrong with it, how we might change it, and how to survive under it while it remains the law.

    This 1991 Massachusetts law does not apply to federal workers, police and firefighters or certain municipal employees, as well as workers injured before Dec. 23, 1991. We have a separate section of this book that explains the federal workers comp system. Of course, we cannot explain every aspect of the law, so use this book as a guide, not as a substitute for
professional legal advice.

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A DOWNLOADABLE BOOK providing details for workers and citizens on the Massachusetts Workers  Compensation system


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